We have an apparent Koch problem, and we need rehabilitation

Ah yes, another part of the scourge flying under the auspices of “altruism” and “philanthropy”. This is really nothing new, though. Andrew Carnegie “donated” organ pianos to every single church in America at one point in time. The American Historical Association was bought and paid for by Prussian Ph.Ds before its founding in the 1880s. The Rockefellers are responsible for establishing the tenure system in the United States. The elitist, managerial class of the super wealthy survive and thrive off the religion of leverage. They are unremittingly sold on their own philosophy of irrationality and need compliant humans to perpetuate their irrational concept of existence. The Koch bros are just the ‘new blood’ on the block and are looking to become the new movers and shakers in the continuance of decaying our freedom, liberty, rationality, reasoning, logic, education, health, and reality.

Educate yourself and then edify others about the Koch family conglomerate: Exposing Koch Brothers


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